The car battery is the “heart” of your vehicle, not only starting the engine, but powering your on-board auxiliaries such as the air conditioning, GPS, stereo, lights and the vehicle’s computers.

Our Car Battery Service involves using the latest battery diagnostics to test your battery. Our simple but effective battery test includes checking your car’s charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery. While batteries should last around 5−7 years, car battery replacement is often necessary earlier than that due to damage from corrosion, water loss, high temperatures and vibrations.

Star Battery House Repair Services will always give sound advice on the right battery for your car based on make and model and the driving conditions you commonly experience. If your car is having a problem starting or your electrical system behaves suspiciously, call us for a comprehensive battery test.

What Shortens A Battery’s Life?

  • Short trip driving or infrequent car use gives a battery-less time to re-charge, making it more likely to go flat.
  • Driving on rough roads and the resulting strong vibrations can cause damage to the internal battery components.
  • Idling, such as when the engine is allowed to run during traffic jams can lead to premature battery failure.

Hot Weather A Major Problem

In summer, battery acid, which is already corrosive by nature, becomes increasingly so. As such, it tends to eat away at the critical internal components resulting in early damage and eventual car battery failure. Hotter weather also increases the rate of evaporation with batteries so that they lose water at a faster rate.

Signs Your Battery Is Failing

  • Corrosion
  • Stains
  • Slow to start up
  • Age
  • Water loss
  • Battery warning light
  • Cracked case