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Yamaha Reface CS Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Yamaha Reface CS Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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The Yamaha Reface CS is an 8-note polyphonic analog modeling synth with 37-key mobile mini keyboard with 5 vintage synth types, and onboard effects. It features five unique oscillator types and powerful and intuitive control. Simple control, complex sound, endless possibilities.


  • 5 vintage synth types
  • Onboard effects
  • Controller pedal input
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • MIDI connectivity
  • Aux input
  • Dual line outputs


  • Multi-saw: Multi Saw produces a typical synthesizer sound on the basis of sawtooth waveforms
  • The term "Multi" stands for the possibility to layer multiple waveforms
  • Pulse: Produces a basic synthesizer voice by using square waves, two square waves with different pitches can be layered to make the sound more complex
  • OSC Sync: Produces voices having two oscillators (OSC1 and OSC2), with OSC2 locked in sync with OSC1, intense harmonics can be generated by changing the pitch and tone of OSC2, making it possible to create highly distinctive, dazzling sounds
  • Ring Mod: Produces voices by multiplying the signals from two oscillators (OSC1 and OSC2), metallic-sounding voices with no distinct pitch can be created by changing the pitches of the oscillators
  • FM: Produces voices having two oscillators (OSC1 and OSC2), with the frequency of OSC1 modulated by OSC2, this makes it possible to create voices with intense harmonics such as those of the Yamaha DX7 and other FM synthesizers


  • LFO: The [DEPTH] and [SPEED] sliders control modulation speed and intensity. In addition to typical LFO uses, you can create interesting sound effects using extreme settings. So if you want get back at your motorcycle-driving neighbors, try out the following example!
  • EG: EG/FEG slider determines how much the Envelope affects Amplitude or Filter. The "zero" position (AEG) means the Envelope only affects Amplitude. Asthe slider is moved upwards, the more influence the Envelope has on the Filter. In the middle position the effect on Filter and Amplitude is the same. The envelope (EG) is set by the ADSR principle (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) with four sliders. Again, the range of values is from 0 to 127.
  • FILTER: reface CS is equipped with a resonant low-pass Filter (18 db). The Cutoff slider adjusts the Filter from follow closed (0) to wide open (127) while the Resonance slider adds harmonics at the Cutoff point. The filter can even self-oscillate creating different kinds of synth sound.
  • EFFECT: The onboard effects processor features five effect types to add depth to your sound.
  • Use the Type slider to select the desired effect. Depth determines the effect's intensity (also known as "Wet/Dry"). The Phaser and Chorus/Flanger are powered by Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology.
  • PORTAMENTO: The reface CS Portamento slider has two functions. It controls the typical Portamento effect: switching reface to 8-note polyphonic to 1-note monophonic and controlling Portamento time in monophonic mode.


KEY TYPE Non-Weighted
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