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Buffet Crampon E-12F Intermediate Bb Wood Clarinet with Silver-plated Keys

Buffet Crampon E-12F Intermediate Bb Wood Clarinet with Silver-plated Keys

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Professionally Inspired Clarinet for Advancing Players

When you’re ready to step up from your student clarinet, the Buffet Crampon E-12F intermediate Bb clarinet is ready to oblige, providing you a knockout intermediate instrument with a slew of top-notch features derived from professional instruments. The result of a collaboration between Buffet Crampon’s industry-leading research and development team and their French and German master craftspeople, the E-12F intermediate Bb clarinet is eminently playable with accurate intonation and rich, musical tone. The Buffet Crampon E-12F features an unstained African blackwood body finished with a colorless varnish to protect against scratches, dings, and damage-causing moisture, and its silver-plated keys are extremely responsive, allowing you to explore advanced techniques that require greater speed and dexterity. As you continue to develop your musical talent, you need an instrument that can support you on your journey — the Buffet Crampon E-12F intermediate Bb clarinet is ready to help you achieve your musical dreams! 

African blackwood body and silver-plated keys

The material of choice for student clarinets is ABS resin, and for good reason — it’s easy to maintain and resistant to damage, and it provides a solid tone. However, there’s something special about wooden instruments. That’s why Buffet Crampon chose African blackwood for the body, barrel, and bell of the E-12F intermediate Bb clarinet. And, by leaving it unstained, the natural beauty of the wood shines through, yielding an instrument that’s as much a joy to look at as it is to play. The E-12F’s keywork is also a delight to behold with forged keys plated in silver and fitted with leather pads to ensure airtightness for reliable performance and impeccable tone. From top to bottom, the Buffet Crampon E-12F intermediate Bb clarinet has a premium feel that will facilitate your endeavors to master your instrument. 

Derived from professional models

The E-12F clarinet takes its inspiration from Buffet Crampon’s Prestige series professional instruments, incorporating several advanced features. In addition to its seasoned African blackwood body and forged keys, the E-12F boasts blue-steel flat and needle springs, which are guaranteed to provide smooth and accurate key movement. Buffet Crampon’s unique polycylindrical bore, first featured on their R13 professional clarinet, improves intonation between notes, so the E-12F is capable of producing gorgeous, lilting glissandi. Finally, an adjustable thumb rest increases comfort and accommodates players as they grow. 

Buffet Crampon: a tradition of excellence

With an impressive legacy spanning two centuries, Buffet Crampon is one of the world’s most respected and popular makers of woodwind instruments. Buffet Crampon has greatly influenced modern woodwinds through several significant innovations, including the adaptation of Theobald Boehm’s flute fingering system to the clarinet and extending the lower range of the saxophone to Bb. Today, Buffet Crampon continues their tradition of crafting superior-quality woodwinds for every level of player, and the company’s clarinets remain the instrument of choice for many top professionals, including Michel Arrignon, Sharon Kam, and Martin Fröst. 

Buffet Crampon E-12F Intermediate Clarinet Features:

  • Bb clarinet with Boehm key system, featuring 17 keys and six rings
  • Unstained African blackwood body, barrel, and bell provide a bright, projective tone
  • A barrel length of 65mm heightens focus and tonal consistency
  • Smooth-playing silver-plated keys fitted with airtight leather pads
  • Straight tone holes with tapered undercut for optimum intonation and uniform response
  • Includes a BCK100-STF mouthpiece, ligature, and backpack-style gig bag
  • Tuning: 442Hz 

Tech Specs

  • Type:Soprano
  • Key:Bb
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Body Material:Lacquered African Blackwood
  • Key Finish:Silver-plated
  • Bore:Poly-cylindrical
  • Pads:Leather
  • Springs:Blue Steel
  • Key System:Boehm: 17 keys, 6 rings
  • Manufacturer Part Number:BC2512F-2-0GB
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