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  • Clamp to Start Dead Battery
  • Auto Car High Range Jumper Cables
  • Connect one RED clamp to POSITIVE(+) terminal of the dead battery and another RED clamp to the POSITIVE(+) terminal of the donor battery
  • Connect one BLACK clamp to NEGATIVE(-) terminal of the dead battery and another BLACK clamp to NEGATIVE(-) terminal of the donor battery
  • Multi-stranded Copper for High Conductivity Aluminium Clamps Heavy Flexible Insulation 1.50 meter 1000 amp jumper cables to start the CAR, TRUCK and other vehicles in case of a dead battery or cold diesel vehicle battery in winter



This set of jumper cables is 5.0 feet long with clamps covered fully by sturdy rubber to ensure maximum safety. Dedicated to jump-starting a car when the battery dies the tool will help you fix problems all by yourself.Features:8.2 feet long cables which are convenient and will not take much space. Sturdy rubber covers durable and anti-crack ensuring maximum safety. Remain flexible even in extremely cold environments. Pure copper wire provides excellent electricity conduction. Clamps are strong and grips are fully covered with anti-slip design. Red cable for positive terminal and black for the negative terminal.Versatile jumper cables for cars and trucks etc. Suitable for voltage ranging from 12V-24V. Specifications:Material: Copper + Rubber, Color: Red and Black

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