Exide Xpress XP1000 (100AH)


Model:Xpress XP1000
Dimension:410 x 176 x 233
Warranty:36 Months (18 F + 18 P)
Capacity:100 Ampere (AH)

With Old Battery(Same Ah)
Without old Battery
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Exide Xpress XP1000 (100AH) Description

Exide Xpress XP1000 battery is a battery with 100AH and 12V, commonly known as XP1000

Exide Express XP1000 Heavy Duty batteries are made using special hybrid alloy to withstand the harsh Indian environment. Highly durable and leak resistant, comes with enhanced recharge capability and is ready to use soon after installation. In-built Magic Eye lets you check the electrolyte level easily. Exide Express XP1000 batteries are considered maintenance free because of low water loss, topping up is required only once in 6 months.

Mostly Exide Xpress XP1000 battery is used for Heavy engines like Trucks, Buses, DG sets (Gen Sets), and other Heavy Lifted Equipments. Sometimes this battery is used as a Flat type Inverter battery.


  • Withstands bumps and vibrations: Special polypropylene container with strengthening ribs makes the battery strong enough to withstand bumps and vibrations.
  • Made for Indian environment: Special Hybrid Alloy System ensures that the battery can withstand high temperatures.
  • Quick recharge – Unique tree radial grid design, lower internal resistance and a special paste chemistry increases recharging potential during use.
  • Magic eye: to check state of the charge & electrolyte level of the battery.
  • Leak-resistant design: Side vented lid with electrolyte flow back system reduces chance of electrolyte leakage during handling.
  • Enhanced safety: Micro-porous filter disc in vent openings help arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery.
  • Improved cycle life: Double-clad separation in the form of a unique rib-free separator profile, reinforced with texturised glass mat, provides surface support to the active material, thereby improving cycle life and resistance to bumps and vibrations.
  • Maintenance-free: Special alloy ensures low water loss during high temperature operations, requires topping up only once in 6 months.
  • Ready to use – comes factory-charged in ready to use condition.

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