Exide FMI0-ML45D21LBH



Brand : Exide
Number : FMI0-ML45D21LBH
Name : Exide Mileage Red
Capacity : 45 Ah
Warranty  55*MONTHS
With Old Battery(Same Ah)
Note: Your Old Battery Should have Same AH (Capacity) as the New Battery Ordered. Otherwise, the Actual Price will differ. As per the Old Battery(Scrap)
Without old Battery


Exide FMI0-ML45D21LBH

Full border grid design provides structural rigidity I Low variation of grid weight & dimensions improve consistency in product performance parameters

Features of Exide Mileage ML45D21LBH Battery

  • Robust design – to take care of stringent application requirements
  • Special side vented cover design – excellent spill-resistant characteristics
  • Double clad separation – high reliability and life expectancy ensures customer satisfaction
  • Technology – to suit high-temperature applications
  • Appearance – rugged with appealing cosmetics
  • Magic Eye – for determination of electrolyte level and state-of-charge
  • Easy to use – batteries delivered in factory-charged, ready-to-use condition

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