Amaron AAM-FL-00042B20R



Product Brand : Amaron
Model Number : AAM-FL-00042B20R
Product Name : FLO
Product Capacity : 35 Ah
Product Warranty : 0-30 months Free + 31-55 Months Pro-Rata
Amaron AAM-FL-00042B20R - Without old Battery
Amaron AAM-FL-00042B20R - With Old Battery(Same Ah)
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Amaron FLO batteries are made in a QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant using world class technology and stringent quality control parameters that make them last long, really long. Some of the other features that add to making the Amaron FLO so good: longest life, patented BIC vents for enhanced safety, the highest cranking power and a completely unnecessary 55-months warranty.


Amaron AAM-FL-00042B20R Benefits
  • Longest life -55 Months Warranty
  • Zero Maintenance – High heat technology, premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) for a low-corrosion and no top-up experience.
  • Fully Sealed & Tested -Factory charged, wet shipped and ready to fit
  • Highest Cranking Power -Largest Inter Cell Welds, 19mm Lugs

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