Why You Should Buy Inverter Battery Online?

Every product needs replacement and maintenance. Now you think, that battery of your inverter needs to be replaced and you are a bit biased in your opinion about buying it online. Every other person like you has the confusion whether it is safe to buy it online. If it is the case, you are at the right place. We at Star Battery House be right there with you from Purchase to Installation to Maintenance. Now, why you should buy inverter battery online? Remember, Battery is the powerhouse of your inverter.

AT&T FlexWare and Cybersecurity power Exide’s Digital Transformation

AT&T is powering Exide’s digital transformation with its FlexWare network virtualization solution.  AT&T FlexWare is one of AT&T’s core software-centric services from the company’s “edge solutions portfolio.” AT&T says its near real-time service cuts long set up times and complex processes.

FlexWare enables businesses to launch virtual network functions (VNFs) to improve productivity and communication across its geographically dispersed physical sites. With FlexWare, AT&T can move the VNFs, such as firewall or security VNFs, to devices on a company’s network.

“Our technology will give Exide the support it needs to continue operating at high standards and to prepare for new opportunities in a 5G world,” said John Vladimir Slamecka, AT&T Region President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We’re building a platform that is ready for new data hungry apps made possible with the arrival of 5G; such as AR and VR. That’s why we are moving compute resources closer to the network edge, opening the door to new experiences and opportunities.”

AT&T’s FlexWare, for virtualized network edge services, is now in place across Exide’s global locations, including throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.  FlexWare at the edge allows Exide to use both highly secure MPLS and internet access services for its network needs. Starting with network routing, Exide is able to access all wide area network components utilizing high bandwidth capabilities to help provide greater flexibility as the needs of each change over time. AT&T FlexWare also allows Exide to fulfill its centralized IT requests without needing local site support.


Check the following when you buy a new battery

  • Ensure your current battery has failed. Sometimes, your vehicle’s electrical system could have a problem. Hence find out the root cause of the problem (call us or your mechanic to check the root cause of the problem).
  • Refer battery group size recommended by your manufacturer in the vehicle manual. Battery group size indicates the battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions of your vehicle. Many vehicles can accommodate more than one group size
  • Before fitting the new battery, check the electrical system of your vehicle
  • Check the cranking voltage which should be more than 9.8 volts across the battery terminal
  • Check the alternator charging voltage which should be between 13.8V – 14.5V across the battery terminal

Check for freshness

Learn to interpret battery date codes. Or ask your Amaron retailer to make sure you purchase the “freshest” battery available. A battery that has been sitting on the shelf for extended periods can lose some of its charge and may not provide the performance you need during its first use. You can avoid such things when you walk into an Amaron store for your battery requirement. Long term performance probably won’t be compromised however, as the battery can be returned to its original levels of performance with either in-vehicle charging or by using an external charger. When you buy a product from Amaron, you can rest assured of a quality product to satisfy your performance needs.


Look for a hassle free warranty

  • Is the warranty valid across India allowing you to access service anywhere you are?
  • How long is the free replacement period? This will help you avoid any surprises while asking for free replacement.

Consider value as well as price

You might want to get professional advice, for which you can walk into your nearest Amaron store. The Amaron team would be glad to offer you assistance, as well as hassle-free installation and service. Always remember when you buy an Amaron product, you get the best value. Purchase a new battery before your existing one fails.

Before you take a long trip, or when you are having your car serviced, make sure your battery gets tested. Monitor your battery on a regular basis; it will help you make a purchase decision before you are stuck with a dead battery!. It will save you a lot of time and money down the road. Always insist on the right battery model for your application. Ask for the product selection chart, check the model of battery that is specified for your vehicle/application and then buy the product.

Consider the old battery disposal

Ensure that your battery is not disposed of in any manner other than by depositing it with the local dealer/manufacturer/registered recycler/ importer/ reconditioner or at the designated collection centers. What’s more, you get paid for being a responsible citizen! Your dealer will pay you for the dead battery or deduct from the new battery price!