About Us

Star Battery House is most preferred destination for POWER BACKUP Systems into Automotive Batteries, Home UPS Batteries and Others Batteries.

Over 18 Years of Auto electrical work experience in the Bangalore & Bangalore Rural, We proudly can say that we have started multi-brand Battery products with selected products

Offering guests the best in quality and service has been the primary principle at STAR BATTERY HOUSE since its inception as a PROPRIETARY firm by Mr. SHEIKH SIRAJ, a visionary with astute business acumen and foresight.

A marvelous journey that began with a small Battery Shop at Hoskote (Bengaluru Rural) in 2019, STAR BATTERY HOUSE  has since evolved and has become one of the biggest retail chains.

STAR BATTERY HOUSE caters to guests of all budgets and preferences. Today, you can shop for the best in Batteries from all our aesthetically-designed and conveniently located showrooms in cities like Bengaluru, Hoskote, Narasapura & Kolar (Coming Soon at All Metro Cities in INDIA)


The competitive strength of a company should be measured not by the volume of sales or the range of innovation, but by the extent of involvement of all the association in the quality improvement process.

We’ve kept that step ahead by listening carefully to our customers over the years, by paying expert attention to an ever-changing economic environment and by giving our people the opportunities to realize their potential.

As we look at the road ahead, we are determined to exceed our historical success. And we’ll do it by constantly increasing the value of our offerings to our customers and increasing the caliber of our services to such a high level, that our name will become synonymous with customer satisfaction.


STAR BATTERY HOUSE would give its customers the best value, best products, and the best available service in the industry. Honesty towards our customers, principals, and our associates would be the pillar on which STAR BATTERY HOUSE would stand and grow.